Happenings at Eagle Church

The Eagle (Idaho) Church has been busy the past few months. Some of the congregation's highlights include:

Dedication and Baptisms

July 9 was a high day in the Eagle Church with the dedication of Nolan Matthew James Wardle and the baptism of Ken Litzinger.

Litzinger was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and baptized at age 8. For the past 16 years, his wife, Kris, prayed every day for him and the salvation of her family. Ken knew that Jesus was an important person and the Son of God, but did not believe that Jesus was divine or the Creator, nor did he believe in the Trinity. Recently Ken has been listening to the Spirit of Prophecy audio books.

One day this spring, Kris tearfully told him she was going to heaven and she had spent all these years loving him and she could not imagine spending an eternity without him.

Consequentially the Litzingers, including their daughter, Kandalee, and son, Lane Davis, are all members of the Adventist Church and looking forward to the Blessed Hope of Jesus' return. Kris is still praying for their other children to come to believe, love and trust in Christ.

Women's Ministries

The women of the Eagle Church were treated to a beautiful garden brunch at the home of Sandra Cortez on Sunday, Aug. 7. The guest speaker was Cheri Peters, True Step Ministries director. Peters can be seen in Celebrating Life in Recovery on 3ABN. Cortez comments, "After hearing this woman's amazing, miraculous story, I stopped to think how many women out there were going through the same thing that Cheri Peters went through, of being unloved from the start of her life. Cheri is a living testimony of how God takes care of those who trust in Him. If we just knew what Cheri and others have gone through in their lives, we would stop complaining about the little things. Those who attended certainly took something special home that day."


Tim and Karen Roosenberg are leaving their pastorate at the Eagle and Garden Valley (Idaho) churches after serving four and a half years. They are excited to begin their Daniel 11 ministry with the Idaho Conference.

As Roosenberg left, he encouraged members to always keep Jesus number one, keep spending time with Jesus in Bible study and prayer, and follow the Holy Spirit's leading in all things.

The local congregations are pleased the Roosenbergs will maintain their Emmett, Idaho, home as they travel with the "Islam and Christianity" seminar ministry and look forward to seeing them occasionally. The Eagle and Garden Valley churches will truly miss them and pray God's blessings on their family.

October 01, 2011 / Idaho Conference