We Can Keep Them in the Church

The book We Can Keep Them in the Church, compiled by Myrna Tetz, urges leaders in local churches to involve the youth in leadership and outreach activities. One church following this appeal is the Kettle Falls Church in Kettle Falls, Wash.

On any Sabbath, Cayce Martin may be playing the piano with Roseanna Page leading the song service — both are high school students. Stephen Shaeffer will likely be working with another college student, Jefferson Clark, to manage the public address system. If the A Cappella Choir sings, Cami Martin, college student, directs. Erica Kinjo, high school student, plays her violin for special music.

During the church service, Elijah and Gabriel Goforth, junior deacons, frequently help collect the offering. Richard or David Page may read the Scripture, and Debra Reeves prays. During school vacation, students home from college, including Joseph Reeves, Tanner Martin or Christian Reeves, often preach.

On Sabbath, July 1, Michelle Kinjo and Matthew Shaeffer, high school students, each presented a short sermon for the church service.

In addition, young people lead monthly nursing-home visitations, and six have done colporteur work.

Older people greatly appreciate the willingness of youth to share their talents in service.

September 01, 2011 / Upper Columbia Conference