ONLINE SIDE BAR for Gladstone Camp Meeting article

September 01, 2011 | Greg Brothers

Special Online Content

Here’s a quick guide to who wore what at the Oregon Camp Meeting:

T-shirts (with logos):

· Black: Better Life Broadcasting Network

· Blue-gray: completed 5K Fun-Run on Friday morning

· Turquoise: staff for youth (grades 9–12)

· Yellow: completed training for Disaster Response Leadership certificate

· Gray or Purple with green letters: teens (grades 7–8)

Polo Shirts (with logos):

· Black: pastors, staff for juniors (grades 5–6), Oregon Adventist Men’s Choir.

· Navy blue: Oregon Adventist Men’s Choir

· Blue: Hospitality

· Sage green: pastors

· Green: maintenance

· Apricot: staff for Evangelism Training Camp

· Burnt orange: staff for Big Lake Youth Camp

· Orange: cleaning staff

· Red: security

· White: Oregon Adventist Men’s Choir


· Cowboy hat with plaid shirt and jeans: staff for Beaver Tent (ages 5–6), Sand Piper Building (ages 7–8) and Children’s Amphitheater (ages 9–10).

· Black blazer with white shirt and yellow tie: Oregon Adventist Men’s Choir (Sabbath)

· Black hat with “LIFE” in green: youth (grades 9–12) who attended Spanish Camp Meeting.

· Burgundy apron: kitchen staff