Mountain View Benefits from Church Support

Behind every successful school is a supportive church — and the Mountain View Christian School in Sequim, Wash., appreciates the help of volunteers from the Sequim Church.

Volunteers manage the library, produce fliers and advertisements, help with the school website, write articles about the school for the local newspaper, clean the school, mow the lawn and perform needed maintenance. The church also repainted the outside of the school this summer.

"It is a true blessing to have the help of the church," says Nancy Ley, lower-grades teacher. "We couldn't do it without them."

The church has also been extremely generous in their financial support of the school, with monthly church school subsidy and $29,000 for student scholarships. Recently the school made several technology upgrades through specific donations.

However, the support is truly felt through the prayers of each church member and the value they place on Christian education. School leaders believe it is both the church's and school's collective mission to draw people closer to Christ. It doesn't matter whether those people are young or old, in the church, at the school, or in the community. All need to work together to draw others to Christ.

September 01, 2011 / Washington Conference