Love of Gardens Benefits Student Scholarships

Auburn Adventist Academy supporters recently organized a community garden tour called Pleasures of Planting to benefit student scholarships.

When Samir Berbawy, AAA principal, asked at the opening garden lecture how many people were on the academy campus for the first time, about a third of the audience raised their hands. Others had previously attended a community memorial service, graduation exercises or holiday events on campus.

"We believe God really opened doors and helped to build bridges in the community through this event," says Alice Kirkman, who chaired the garden tour planning team. "We're praying the seeds of friendship and truth will keep growing."

The garden tour began with a lecture by Marianne Binetti, a respected local garden expert, who presented a slideshow highlighting garden techniques used in six featured gardens.

"You save so much money by attending garden tours and gleaning creative ideas such as recycling planters, creating focal points, dramatically using one plant and incorporating color," says Binetti.

Beyond visiting six featured gardens in the community, garden tour attendees were also able to interact with local vendors and artists. In all, more than 200 people registered and participated in the garden tour to raise nearly $9,000 for student scholarships.

A photo gallery is available at Another garden tour benefit is scheduled for July 8, 2012.

September 01, 2011 / Washington Conference

Heidi Martella