Ketchikan Celebrates Double Baptism

On June 25, Jo Ellyn Baham and Tracy Salazar made a public profession of faith through baptism at Ward Lake in Ketchikan, Alaska. Todd Ervin, Ketchikan Church pastor, ministered the ordinance of baptism, and the celebration was witnessed by Baham's and Salazar's church families and friends.

Both Baham and Salazar took Bible studies and have been actively attending the Ketchikan Church. Salazar grew up an Adventist, but never made the decision to fully commit until recently. Bonnie Paddock, church member, mentored Salazar in the fellowship of the Adventist Church.

Baham grew up in Ketchikan and is married. She feels a sense of urgency to share Jesus with her friends and family.

Winning souls for Christ and discipleship training are a high priority for Ervin. Ervin; his wife, Sharlene; and his daughters, Erin and Liesel, moved to Ketchikan last September. Their love of Christ is evident in the light they have shined on the community.

Please pray for Baham, Salazar and others who receive the word of God and believe in Christ.

September 01, 2011 / Alaska Conference