Dear fellow members:

The North Pacific Union Conference was organized more than 100 years ago to help members and local conferences share our Adventist message in the Northwest. That mission still binds us together toward a common purpose in preparing others for our Lord's return.

On September 11, delegates will meet on the campus of Walla Walla University for the 27th constituency session of the North Pacific Union Conference. They will act on your behalf to elect NPUC officers and executive committee members charged with leading our church's mission in the Northwest for the next term.

We invite you to review the following reports and evaluate this partnership in our church's mission for yourself. We encourage you to share your thoughts or concerns with any of the delegates listed later in this GLEANER before the session.

We all have an important part to play. Lynn Horsch, NPUC office maintenance supervisor, and Edma Castillo, receptionist (pictured below) are as important to our Northwest mission as any officer, director or pastor. And so are you.

We are so thankful for your partnership in this mission during the past five years. The days ahead will be both challenging and exciting. We all need a Power Surge from on high to enable us toward Spirit-led mission and ministry. Let's unite in prayer that the Spirit will work in and through us all to share our love for Jesus and hope in His soon return with our friends and neighbors.


Max Torkelsen II, president

John Loor Jr., secretary

Mark Remboldt, treasurer