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August 01, 2011

Dear Counselor:

My husband and I have a niece at the local college. Since her parents are at a distant location, we have "adopted" her and often invite her to our home for meals or to come along with us on outings. More recently, we have found her rather distant and turning down our invitations. We have not changed our attitude at all, but it seems that she has. What should we do?

Read good advice from the staff at the Walla Walla University School of Education and Psychology this month on the GLEANER Blog.

Do You Have a Question?

Do you have an issue or question to send to "Dear Counselor?" Email it to Your identity will be kept anonymous but the content of your question will be shared with the WWU School of Education and Psychology so they can prepare an appropriate answer for you and other GLEANER readers.

Cheri Corder and the Surprise Message...

After a stressful week, Cheri was happily amazed to receive a huge bouquet of flowers. She was also amazed at the attached card. The sender had intended to say one thing — but the florist didn't get it quite right. What did the card say? Read about it in Cheri Corder's column on the GLEANER Blog.

Dying for a Good Relationship?

John Gottman, relationship guru, says 69 percent of all couples have relationship issues that are not resolvable.

"But the Masters of relationships do just fine despite their differences," Gottman says, "while the Disasters of relationships crash and burn."

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