Miracle in October

A struggling single mother of two in Bozeman, Mont. — not exactly a force to be reckoned with — UNLESS she is a member of a body run by the King of kings Himself. Truly, we all feel pretty insignificant when we look out on all the need and darkness in the world. When our Lord calls us to a task, we willingly respond, but sometimes it is far beyond our abilities to help. What then? Has God miscalculated? Certainly not!!

On a rainy day in October, in the foothills outside Bozeman, a single mom was trying to help, as she had been called to. She had been helping a family who needed to winterize an old cabin style house before the snow hit. It had been several weeks, and she had been helping with digging, cleanup, insulating and building. Unfortunately, the snow was threatening, and the family she was helping was in need of a roof raising, including building trusses, and raising a wall.

"Oh Lord, why me?" she prayed. "I am not able to do this work — I am barely any help at all." The answer came almost immediately. She found herself telling the family that she was unable to really help with this part of the building project, but that she was a member of a body that included men with tools and expertise.

"I will bring a crew up on Sunday, God willing," she promised.

Two days later, in church, she stood up and announced that there was a family in need of help. "They must get the roof on before the snow falls," she announced. "Any help would be greatly appreciated."

Several men approached to ask questions after church, and one even arranged to meet her at Mount Ellis Academy at 9 a.m., to go with her to help.

Sunday morning dawned wet and gray. Rain was falling, and the winter cold was making itself felt in the blustery wind. Two men called to see if the work was still going to happen, and for directions. "We are going to do whatever we can," she answered. "The rest is up to the Lord. Thank you!"

As she arrived on the site, with the one man who met her at the academy, no one else was there. The rain was pouring down, and the entire second floor of the home was exposed. The rain was soaking the floor, and dripping through to the downstairs, where the family and suffered a very long night. Tarps had been stretched as much as possible over the upstairs, but they sagged heavily, threatening to dump gallons of water on the floor, and into the rest of the house. It seemed like a big mistake to have come. The exhausted family was grateful, but not very hopeful. The woman and her one volunteer began to try to figure out where to start. What could be done in this weather? The woman began cleaning up and trying to divert water. The volunteer — a man from Florida who was visiting his mother for a week — began trying to empty the tarps. He bailed with a pan until they were light enough to manipulate and dump over the side of the house. This work was just beginning when two more trucks pulled up. Out stepped three seasoned professional builders, and one capable young man — all from the church, and all with tools in their belts. Suddenly, there was hope and energy in the air, as men talked and offered ideas. Plans were drawn, and men separated into teams for several areas of work. Smiling in the rain, all began to do what they could.

By 3 p.m., the rain had passed, and the sun was drying out the wood and ground. The walls had been erected correctly and sturdily, and trusses were beginning to be raised into the brilliant blue sky. The family was ecstatic, and certain they could finish the roof Monday, with some hired help they had arranged. Everyone was tired, and happy, and felt the great power of the body of Christ. What was beyond the ability of that one woman, or that one family, became a pleasure and a blessing for several good, God-fearing men, and everyone who witnessed the wonder of His love.

I was that woman. It still moves me to tears to think of those five men, who answered a call to help someone they did not know — in His name. I thank God I am a member of such a body.

We all struggle, and are weak — none of us are exactly a force to be reckoned with — UNLESS we are members of a body run by the King of kings Himself.

August 01, 2011 / Montana Conference