Eugene Church Experiences a 'Memorable' Sermon

Recently, Keith Zaugg took the worship service at the Eugene (Ore.) Church to recite (in character) the entire book of James. As he did, it was with the passion Zaugg imagined the author would have expressed. Many followed along with their Bibles to see how closely he followed biblical text. They expressed: “He didn’t miss a word!”

Zaugg attended Laurelwood Academy and remembers hearing Bob King, a student from Auburn Academy, recite a chapter from the book Desire of Ages. This inspired Zaugg to memorize the last chapter of the book The Great Controversy. Over the past 20 years Zaugg has applied himself to the task of memorizing scripture. To date he has logged the Sermon on the Mount, the book of James, Revelation 20–22, Romans 12–13, Matthew 24, and the last chapter of The Great Controversy.

The hardest part of memorizing, Zaugg says, is finding time. It’s something he has found he must make time for each day. "There are benefits for memorizing scripture," Zaugg says. "It keeps the brain sharp; it brings a blessing from being able to share with others. When persecution comes, we have the words of life to help us stay true."

August 01, 2011 / Oregon Conference