CHIP Graduation Thoughts

Linda and I had decided not to attend this CHIP program. The closer we came to the date of this particular program, the more we were decided not to attend.

After all, I had personally attended the 19-day live-in diabetic programs at Total Health in Yakima, Wash., Weimar Institute outside of Auburn, Calif., and Lifestyle Center of America in southern Oklahoma. Some $17,000 later, plus wonderful memories, great food and recipes, lost weight, improved medical records, resources, encouragement, and more, what more could we learn? These were wonderful and successful programs for me. But we found it difficult to replicate all we'd learned when I returned home.

We attended the worship service at Meadow Glade on Feb. 19 when Dr. Hans Diehl spoke. It was a wonderful sermon, and Linda and I stayed for the potluck. As we sat at our table we were joined by Harold Burden, a longtime friend. He asked us if we were going to attend the CHIP program. We shared what I have stated above and said: "no, we do not think so." He did not try to convince us, but in his gentle and careful way he just talked about the many benefits. Thank you, Harold, for your perfect way of sharing.

Both of us wanted to listen to Lily play the piano at the afternoon program. To do that we had to listen to Diehl speak again. That is what convinced us. Lily was wonderful on the piano, but Diehl was more wonderful as he touch our hearts with the need to be a part of this CHIP program. We signed up and have been so blessed!

So what are the many benefits of CHIP for the Qualley family? Let me list them as they come from our hearts:


1. The setting is home based. Both Linda and I were present and we could work the many principles and recipes in our kitchen — as we are learning them. The previous experiences were in pristine settings in castles on a hill, but now we can test them as we were learning.

2. For the most part, the food tastes wonderful. We have found that the few suggestions that were not especially tasty we could adapt and make them more to our liking. We have purged our cupboards and refrigerator of dairy products and processed foods. That is not to say that we will never eat some ice cream or a piece of fudge again. But it will have to be a very special reason by mutual decision.

3. We both have lost weight. This is so amazing. I personally have struggled with being overweight most of my life. We have found that together we can apply this new Way of Life and fund success. Collectively Linda and I have lost 34 pounds since March 6.

4. My personal medication results are truly amazing. Under the direction of my endocrinologist/diabetic specialist at Southwest Washington Medical Center, the following has emerged: Lantus Insulin reduced by 50%, Humalog Insulin reduced by 50% and more. In fact, I am struggling most with low blood sugars because the new foods that I am now eating — coupled with the weight loss — require so little insulin. I can see the day coming as I continue this way of life and weight loss that I will not need any insulin at all. That thought brings tears to my eyes as I am writing these words. I have struggled with pain and doses and highs and lows for so many years. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

5. As I write these words, the outcome of our health screenings have some impact on the decisions we are making. There are challenges that are presented to us related to blood pressure, cholesterol, anemia, blood sugar levels and a balanced lifestyle. We are looking forward to these challenges that await both of us.

We are committed to continuing this incredible new way of life for the rest of our lives. But we are not looking far into the future for our successes — only a week at a time, a month at a time, a pound and a taste at a time. We are feeling better than we have in years. Our clothes are fitting better, we have more energy and our attitudes are on the mend.

We are also committed to being evangelists to the CHIP way of life by what is seen in the successes of our lives. We are not requiring that our other family members eat the way we eat. We will even provide some traditional lacto-ovo vegetarian food along side the vegan recipes. When asked, we will share the reasons for our successes.

We are committed to the monthly Alumni meetings. This support is needed for us to be successful. We cannot do this on our own. We need each other!

Our thanks go out to Jim and Lynae Moor, Brian and Carlene Will, David and Vicki Rodriguez, Wayne and Sharon Alvarez, Anna and Dale Lamberton, Bryan James, the many table hosts, the kitchen support, and all those that made Clark County CHIP a successful reality.

I would also like to thank Diehl. He is without a doubt the most effective evangelist for, not only a better way of living, but for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His focus on acceptance, forgiveness, attitude and balance were clear and appropriate. His kind and gentle demeanor, coupled with his careful research and believable presentations, have impacted both of our lives. We will be eternally grateful.

The Top Ten

Reed and Linda Qualley Benefits of Clark County CHIP

10. Weight loss: Linda and I have lost weight — 34 collective pounds. I have a long way to go, but my goal is one pound and one week at a time.

9. Reduced medication needs: I have reduced my insulin doses by 50 percent plus. I am adjusting blood sugars due to less need.

8. Home-based/supportive setting: We have found the home-based setting of Clark County CHIP to be key to our successes. The alumni meetings are essential.

7. The food: For the most part, the food has been delicious, and the home kitchen test lab continues to help us tweak the challenges.

6. Health screening: The two health screenings have provided an excellent accountability model. Now we must replicate the model.

5. Encouragement: Friend Harold Burden, with kind and gentle encouragement, helped us solidify our decision to participate. Priceless!

4. New friends: Table 5 with hosts Pat and Caryn, as well as Revis and Judy, James and Helena, and Scott, have become our special CHIP family.

3. Leadership: Linda and I have come to love Jim and Lynae Moor, Brian and Carlene Will, David and Vicki Rodriguez, Wayne and Sharon Alvarez, Anna and Dale Lamberton, Bryan James and the entire Clark County CHIP staff for their dedication and vision.

2. Way of life: Our new way of life has brought us new energies and attitudes and goals and plans and togetherness and better health.

1. Inspiration: The wonderful, gentle and believable presentations of Dr. Hans Diehl are without a doubt the most effective health and gospel evangelism we have ever heard.

August 01, 2011 / Oregon Conference