News for August 2011

ACCION "Un Hogar Sano, Fragante y Feliz"

August 01, 2011

El día comenzó con mucha actividad: preparar la comida y decorar los salones para el programa. Así empezó el Evento de Un Día de la Mujer Hispana, en la Conferencia de Washington, el 1 de Mayo, 2011. El tema principal fue "Un Hogar Sano, Fragante y Feliz". Tuvimos un programa lleno de actividades e ilustraciones, con mucha oración y alegría. Contamos con la ayuda indispensable de un grupo de hermanas muy talentosas y dispuestas a apoyar. La decoración fue diseñada por Abigail Pozo, Jeannette Castro y Nadine Grieve.


August 01, 2011

Adventists Supported Hitler?

You wrote [Let's Talk, June 2011] that some Adventists ... aligned with Hitler. Did I understand correctly? It's not going to change my love for my church because I am learning to be grounded on the Word of God. I just want to make sure in case someone from a different denomination brings it up. I am sure many others did the same. The way you put it is like the organization was behind Hitler. Please tell me who from our church was enthusiastic with this leader.

News Notes

August 01, 2011

New ASI-Northwest Officers Elected

Adventist-Laymen's Services and Industries Northwest chapter held its spring meeting April 28–May 1 on the beautiful shores of Coeur d'Alene Lake, Idaho. Those who attended were blessed and inspired with the prayer-breakfast message by Henry Martin and by featured weekend speakers Steve Wohlberg and Duane McKey. New officers are pictured here, from left: Rod Bartholomew, Barbara Black, Irwin Rogers, Carolyn McHan, Ron Oliver, Janet Evert and Nathanael Martin.

New Blogs

August 01, 2011

Dear Counselor:

My husband and I have a niece at the local college. Since her parents are at a distant location, we have "adopted" her and often invite her to our home for meals or to come along with us on outings. More recently, we have found her rather distant and turning down our invitations. We have not changed our attitude at all, but it seems that she has. What should we do?

Employee Wellness Top Priority at Adventist Medical Center

August 01, 2011

Many of us work all day (or night) and come home too tired to hit the gym or exercise some other way. We wonder why we feel sluggish, unhealthy and maybe even depressed.

Adventist Medical Center, in Portland, Ore., and its Wellness Services team knows to have a happy, healthy workforce, employees need to exercise. That is why the medical center rejuvenated its wellness program, LivingWell, to motivate and educate their employees about fitness and nutrition.

PSAA Students Involved in Ministry

August 01, 2011 / Raschelle Casebier

Puget Sound Adventist Academy students in Kirkland, Wash., are discovering new ways to reach out to their fellow students, their community and the world. Many of these ministries are established directly by the students.

Natalie Dorland, next year's senior class president, created two ministries, including an on-campus bulletin board where anyone can leave encouraging notes for weekly featured students and a Facebook page where Dorland posts Bible verses, both dedicated to and encouraging her peers.