Weeks of Prayer Inspire Skagit Students

July 01, 2011 | Rachel Jordan

Weeks of Prayer are fundamental for any Christian school.

Lower elementary grades at Skagit Adventist Academy, in Burlington, Wash., started the year with a teacher-led Week of Prayer with Wendy Witas, first- and second-grade teacher, who shared life stories and lessons.

Doug White, Skagit principal, offered a concurrent Week of Prayer for grades 5–12, where students learned about "Practicing the Presence of Jesus" in life choices based on the advice of Philippians 4:8.

Academy students led a Week of Prayer in March where five classmates presented talks about "Signs Along the Way." Each day, a traffic sign or signal was used to provide a focal point for inspiration and advice.

Dan Bynum, a long-time supporter of the school, arranged a week of inspiration in April where he brought in guests to share personal stories of when they persevered through a hardship or challenge because of their faith and trust in God. The guests encouraged students to identify people who inspire them and to provide inspiration for someone else.

Area pastors presented a week of prayer for grades K–8. Each day a different pastor shared either a personal experience or story from the Bible that showed how Jesus ministers to us through miracles.

Each week of spiritual emphasis throughout the year inspired students to reconnect with a loving, amazing God.