Orcas Pilots Green Textbook Program

July 01, 2011 | Carmen Slavens

Orcas Christian School in Eastsound, Wash., is running a pilot program this semester using Apple iPads in two classes, American Literature and AP Biology.

The AP Biology class has the text material downloaded onto the iPad and students read the assignments on their screen. All note taking and written assignments are communicated electronically, thereby establishing a "Green Class," using no paper. Students can either use a keyboard to type their class notes during class presentations or by simply use their finger or stylus to write their class notes.

In American Literature class, nearly all of the outside reading for the class is available on the iPad. Written work is handed in electronically. Students also exchange papers electronically and critique and suggest editing changes to improve the paper and send it electronically back to the assignment originator to implement the suggestions.

If the pilot program continues to progress smoothly, the OCS high school teachers will be adding all their classes to the iPad format for the 2011–12 school year.