Not Just for Moms

July 01, 2011 | Mary McIntosh

Tawny Sportsman was the speaker at the Riverside Church in Washougal, Wash., for Mother's Day Sabbath on May 7. Her sermon was a treat for everyone, not just mothers. Sportsman, Oregon Conference Lifeline Music and Ministry speaker, mother and grandmother, gave the sermon entitled "Come Thirsty." She showed us through the Word how to renew our passion for the Savior. She encouraged us to put him first, and let God lead us to the springs of living water.

After a potluck lunch for everyone, Sportsman addressed the women with a talk "Becoming the Woman God Created You to Be." She encouraged us to be passionate Christian women. She says, "A passionate Christian woman simply has a passion for the things of God and is driven to do something about it. This woman thirsts for God. She hungers for truth. She loves others with a godly passion … she doesn't portray one who has arrived, but one who knows where she's going. Then she coaxes and encourages and helps others to join her on her journey." Sportman's ministry is a testimony to her own definition of a Christian woman.

Sportman ended her talk by encouraging us to memorize scripture, so that it would be there to satisfy our thirst and meet every challenge. The women left inspired and renewed in their walk with the Savior.