News Notes

July 01, 2011

Idaho Constituents Elect Officers

Delegates met Sunday, May 22, in Caldwell, Idaho, for the 52nd constituency session of the Idaho Conference. They elected David Prest Jr., president; Don Klinger, vice president for administration; and Gary Johnson, vice president for finance, to replace Harold Dixon, who is retiring. Johnson, currently Hawaii Conference treasurer, subsequently turned down this invitation. The conference executive committee was commissioned to elect another nominee at a June 14 meeting. Delegates also elected departmental directors, a new executive committee and a new board of education. More details will be forthcoming in the Idaho section of the August GLEANER.

Regional Convocation Meets in Auburn

Hundreds packed into the facilities at Camp Berachah in Auburn, Washington, for the 35th-annual Northwest Regional Convocation. Organized by Alphonso McCarthy, North Pacific Union Conference vice president for regional affairs, and his administrative assistant, Pattric Parris, this historic convocation featured a booklet on Northwest Adventist black history written by Byron Dulan, Washington Conference community service and outreach director. Read more about the convocation in the August issue of the GLEANER.