Welcoming Greg Griffitts

June 01, 2011 | Linda Anderson

Members are excited to welcome Greg Griffitts, the newest ordained minister in their local Adventist family. The ordination took place at the Anchor Point Church in Hermiston, Ore., on March 12 at 4 p.m. To begin the ceremony, Griffitts' father, John "Bud" Griffitts, read from Luke 4:18. Griffitts' journey to the ministry was described very colorfully by Larry Hanson, Kevin Wilfley and Jerry Walter, and a challenge to ministry and explanation of ordination was given by Robert Folkenberg Jr., Upper Columbia Conference president. Griffitts gave an eloquent response. The ordination prayer and welcome to ministry were given by Gerald Haeger, UCC ministerial director and assistant to the president. Then the ordination charge was offered by Dave Livermore, UCC personal evangelism director. To conclude the ceremony, the benediction was given by F. Dean Hackett.

Members consider Griffitts and his wife, Cheryl, a huge asset to their community. The Griffitts have two daughters, Jessica and Andrea, and enjoy their two grandchildren, Evan and Tristan. As recently as one year ago, Griffitts was given the Irrigon Church in Irrigon, Ore., to pastor along with the Anchor Point Church. He is instrumental in not only ministering to his parishioners, but teaching them to witness to everyone they encounter and bringing them to a closer walk with Jesus.

The reception following the ordination ceremony was prepared as a joint effort by the women from the Irrigon and Anchor Point churches. It was an array of finger foods enjoyed by all.