Volunteers Enrich Remote Schools

As a remote school in the Washington Conference, the Grays Harbor (Wash.) Adventist Christian School appreciates the volunteers from two constituent churches who help enrich their academic program.

Grays Harbor's enrollment is holding at a steady 14 students, and the school invited Kathleen Vaughn, a longtime volunteer and certified teacher, to become the school's paid aide this year. This created a seven-to-one student teacher ratio and contributes greatly to the solid academic program at Grays Harbor.

Howard Brenton, a retired engineer, volunteers both in the classroom and around the facility weekly. The volunteer's time in the past two years has helped students quickly advance from pre-algebra to algebra classes.

Brenton's wife, Berta, a retired nurse, takes care of all the immunization records and health testing and also works weekly in the classroom or prepares art lessons.

Cristian Bobocea, district pastor, shared his musical talents after weekly worship times to form a school choir and prepared students to participate in the Washington Conference Choral Clinic in February.

The Elma, (Wash.) and Grays Harbor churches are committed to having Christian education on "The Harbor." With the help of these volunteers and others, parents can be certain their children are provided with a quality Christian education no matter where the school is located.

June 01, 2011 / Washington Conference