Oregon Conference Hosts Origins Summit

Some of Adventism's most respected scholars and research scientists in the areas of geology, paleontology, biology, genetics and theology discussed Adventist Biblical challenges regarding origins. This event took place April 1 and 2 at the Holden Convention Center in Gladstone, Ore., with more than 900 registered to attend. The four-part series, which started Friday night, included topics such as Biblical and Philosophical Issues, Life and Ancestry, and Geological Issues and Time. The whole event had 18, 20-minute sessions where speakers presented multiple times and four, 40-minute question-and-answer times. After the event, one attendee said: "Wow, how could one believe that we were not created?"

James Gibson, Geoscience Research Institute director and a historical biologist in Loma Linda, Calif., started off the summit with "Why We Should Care about Creation and Science." Arthur Chadwick is a professor of geology and biology at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas. He also directs the Earth History Research Center. One of his talks was on radioisotope dating. Ronny Nalin is a professor of geology at La Sierra (California) University and a research scientist at the Geoscience Research Institute. Nalin took on the topic in one of his sessions of how long life on planet Earth has been around. Ekkehardt Mueller, Biblical Research Institute associate director, spoke in one session about creation in the Old Testament. In another session, he focused on creation in the New Testament. Timothy Standish was born in Sydney, Australia, and grew up in the Far East. He has been an educator and currently holds a research position at the Geoscience Research Institute. In one talk, Standish spoke to the questions: "How good are the examples that have been found? Do they really support Darwin's theory of gradual evolution over eons?" Leonard Brand, Loma Linda University professor of biology and paleontology for the university's department of Earth and biological sciences, presented a session titled "Time and the Fossil Record," in which he explained geological evidence that supports a recent time for creation.

The weekend provided large amounts of information in a short time, as well as blessings to many who attended.

If you weren't able to attend or did attend and would like to have this summit in your collection, you can order the video DVD or audio CD set by visiting www.oregonconference.org.

June 01, 2011 / Oregon Conference