News for June 2011

ACCION Realmente Encontré Una Vida Mejor

June 01, 2011 / David Paczka

Pasó diez días en el desierto de Sonora, soportando el frío intenso de la noche y el calor ardiente del día. El hambre, la sed, la enfermedad y la muerte estuvieron frente a él; y todo en el intento de encontrar una vida mejor. Sebastián llegó a Oregon decidido a juntar dinero para enviar a su familia, sin embargo el viaje le había dejado sin un centavo e inclusive sin ropa. Sometido a cierta explotación por la deuda con el coyote, empezaba en los Estados Unidos, una vida que él mismo nunca imaginó.

New Blogs

June 01, 2011

Dear Counselor...

"Things have gotten complicated in my life over the last few weeks. At present, I am facing several legitimate worries. As a result, I am beginning to experience a few symptoms that do not go away — hopeless thoughts, insomnia, loss of appetite and lack of energy. I don't want to become depressed. Please give me some tips to overcome these symptoms." — Cambria


June 01, 2011

Cheri Corder's Blog

Readers Respond —

Complaining Saint

In the "Christianity at Church" GLEANER Blog, it appears to me the complaining saint has missed the point. What would Jesus do? The church is supposed to be a safe place. "Be ye kind" covers it for me.

From the GLEANER Archives

June 01, 2011

This group of adults and children appears to represent a school group of various grades. The exact date and location are unknown. Can you tell us where, when or who these people might be? Add your ideas to the June Archival Photo discussion online on the GLEANER Blog at or email


June 01, 2011

NAD Kicks Off InStep for Life Initiative

"As a church we have long talked about the importance of not just healthy minds and hearts but also healthy bodies," says Dan Jackson, North American Division president. "Our culture is coming to grips with its health crises, and we have a message for the times."

A Perfect Fit Homebase offers unique WWU connection

June 01, 2011

After enrolling in the cosmetology program at Walla Walla Community College in Walla Walla, Wash., Katie Edstrom began searching for a place to live. Having grown up hearing about Walla Walla University, in College Place, Wash., she found herself browsing the WWU Web site and wishing there was some way to be involved there while attending classes elsewhere.

"I believe God led me to the Homebase page," says Katie. "It was a perfect fit."

Adventist Hospitals Form Policy Association

June 01, 2011 / Brittany Russell

More than 70 Adventist hospitals and more than 300 affiliated health-care facilities across 17 states and the District of Columbia have collaborated to form the Adventist Health Policy Association. AHPA creates a united policy voice among Adventist hospitals on issues affecting health care across the nation.

Spring Break Mini-VBS Delights Children

June 01, 2011 / Carol Burnham

Bonney Lake (Wash.) Church held a mini-vacation bible school during spring break, March 29–31. Sixteen children, ages 6–11, attended. Eight of the sixteen kids are considering joining Pathfinders. The kids enjoyed a meal beginning at 5:30 p.m. followed by singing, games, crafts and an inspiring program focused on Adventist Relief & Development Services and looking at ways we can be servants of the Lord at home and abroad. All who attended had a delightful time. A one week summer VBS program is seriously being considered because of its success.