UCA Elementary Health Fair

On March 10, children, parents and people from the community converged at Upper Columbia Adventist Elementary School to have a taste of some healthy cookin', glean knowledge about health issues and participate in a health screening.

Local "chefs" held cooking demonstrations and shared their best and healthiest recipes with anyone interested. School parents brought their own healthy dishes of varied food genres. Everyone enjoyed trying casseroles, homemade bread, soups, tofu spreads, fruits and desserts. One of the favorites of the night was chocolate vegan ice cream, which disappeared very quickly.

Students from the fifth through eighth grade classroom got to share information from their research about various health issues on science fair displays that included a myriad of interactive activities. People were timed while holding up dumbbells to learn about resistance training and health. Others got to hold and pet a parrot to learn about the benefit of having pets. Some took surveys to test their knowledge of the effects of abortion, pregnancy and laughter on one's health.

In another room, people of all ages enjoyed learning their "health age" by filling out a survey, taking flexibility and strength tests, and getting their blood pressure and BMI checked.

All those who came enjoyed the food without guilt, were glad to know how to live healthier and were more informed about multiple health issues. UCA Elementary hopes to do a health fair again in the future to help their community continue to make healthy choices for eternity.