Sowing while Sewing

Sowing while sewing is not new for the Moses Lake (Wash.) Church and their local Community Services — otherwise known as ACS of LOVE. For more than a year now, one Sunday out of the month, women, men and children from the church and community have gathered to sow seeds of love while sewing quilts. These benefit new moms and babies who receive services from the Crossroads Resource Center (the local crisis pregnancy center).

Friends, neighbors and other people they reach out to are invited to join them for this sewing outreach event.

There is something for everyone to do: tie quilts, turn, pin, sort squares, cut batting and sew quilts together. While parents are busy, the children make pin cushions and paint fabric for blanket squares.

Later, the blankets are laid out over the back of the pews and chairs in the sanctuary. The congregation lays hands on them and asks for the Lord's blessings to be upon the quilts and the recipients of those who receive them.