Mission with a Purpose: It's Little Things

Gordon Redmer, 87, has been a member of the Moses Lake (Wash.) Church since the early 1950s. He has served in many capacities, but recently little mission projects he has participated in, come to light. These are projects that otherwise may have gone unnoticed by the congregation.

One mission is Christian Record Services. Redmer goes from one vendor to another, locally distributing Robbies (little robots collecting coins), so blind children may have the opportunity to attend a camp hosted by Christian Record. Redmer collects the donated funds monthly.

Another ministry heralded by Redmer is the distribution of the Signs of the Times. For years, Redmer received the Signs of the Times and arranged with vendors to host Signs boxes, going from vendor to vendor distributing the latest issues. As a result of this ministry, the Discover Bible School has been re-established for the Moses Lake Church. Each month, new requests for Bible studies arrive.

“It is exciting!” Nathan Wride, 18, states. “I believe the Signs of the Times and the Discover Bible School are exciting ways to get to know people and what their needs are so we can pray for them. We only pray the Lord will allow us to build a relationship with the people who are responding. Fishing for souls is very rewarding. Just think of what a difference the Adventist Church can make nationwide if we all distributed the Signs of the Times in large quantities?”

In addition to distributing 300 Signs/50 El Centinelas each month, Wride and his family head up the Discover Bible School for Moses Lake.

“Love has feet and is ACTION, as my Mom says!” Wride says. “It is easy to leave behind a legacy of love if one just looks around and reaches out to others. Besides my parents, Gordon has been instrumental in my life in sharing that love. I wouldn’t be involved in the Signs of the Times if it were not for Gordon. It may be the little things we do, but I am living proof — little things do make a difference!”