Kudos to Don Gray

I was glad to hear about the NPUC honoring Don Gray. Don and his wife, Marge, have done such profound work to build the church and win souls.

Not only have they conducted effective public evangelism, but they have provided excellent materials that are still among the best for personal ministry use. I have great memories of learning personal witnessing from Don, not only from seminars, but from on-the-job training. Don also worked to set up a structure for a culture of evangelism in the conferences that he served. He worked to establish resources for interests as well.

Don has been my inspiration, mentor and friend. I hold him in the highest regard. The Lord has used him to make a great difference for eternity, not only by winning souls, but by training multiple leaders.

Jim Kilmer, Spangle, Washington

Let's Talk About Revival

Thank you for such an "on track" article (Let's Talk, March 2011). How could it be stated any better? What a wonderful salvation we have in Jesus Christ! He supplies us not only with forgiveness, pardon and His righteousness, but with the ever present, all powerful, "completely adequate" for our ever present, ongoing need to become like Him, "gift of the Holy Spirit." How can we give up?

Alice Kirkman, Auburn, Washington

May 01, 2011 / Intersections