Let the Races Begin

“Let the races begin!” Alina Brown announced from her father’s shoulders to start the fifteenth-annual Montana Pathfinder pinewood derby. Fast times and creative car designs characterized the fun-filled day for the 65 Pathfinders/Adventurers who participated. Eleven clubs were represented from around the state. The fastest car of the day was built by Ryan Harding of Kalispell, Mont., with a time of 3.07 seconds.

While Pathfinders were cheering each other on inside Mountain View Elementary School in Missoula, Mont., snow was quietly piling up outside. An eight-inch blanket of fluffy fresh snow greeted Pathfinders as they left. Even though the roads were less than perfect, everyone arrived home safely and are already formulating plans for the perfect car for next year.

May 01, 2011 / Montana Conference