First-Adventurer Sabbath for Pasco Takoda Eagles

It's not every Sabbath church members watch their Adventurers do a grand march through the sanctuary with flags and smiles. Yet on March 12, the Pasco (Wash.) Church had that privilege. Children then wished the church a "Happy Sabbath" with a full salute and sang the Adventurer theme song. The Pasco Takoda Eagles participated in Adventurer Sabbath for the first time. The theme for the day was Adventurers and Their Church. Club members and leaders, along with parents, presented the entire church service from start to finish. Members were pleasantly surprised to see the children use sign language.

Lisa Ortiz and the Adventurer worship team led the congregation in seven children's songs for the opening service. They were accompanied by the Pasco Ukulele Choir (as directed by Bonnie Becraft and pianist Kemunto Kakumba). Intertwined multicolored ribbons were used by Darlene Winter, Little Lambs' instructor, to explain how the Adventurer curriculum unites the local church and club members' families in growing a Christ-centered and service-loving club member.

"I'm in the Lord's Army" and "Only a Boy Named David" delighted the congregation as the club provided special music. Phil VanLanen, Adventurer drill instructor, provided a children's sermon to the congregation by role playing as the apostle Peter sharing what it was like to be a friend of Jesus with his "nephew" Adventurer Caleb Shirinzadeh. Adventurer-Club members and leaders appreciated the presence of Lori Hinger, Richland (Wash.) Orcas Club director, and Anita Lebold, Upper Columbia Conference southern regional director, and her husband, Tom, at the service and the numerous positive affirmations following the service.