Special Retreat Day Teaches Girls to Become Women of God

April 01, 2011 | Liesl Vistaunet

Portland Adventist Academy recently treated junior and senior girls to a special on-campus retreat. The day was organized to inspire the ladies to become women representing true worth as daughters of God.

Laura Whidden-Wetterlin, speaker and singer-songwriter, inspired girls with a worship talk about the pitfalls of jealousy and gossip. She also emceed the entire event, including a fashion show.

Heather Vliet, former PAA teacher turned professional teen counselor, talked about teens and their developing characters. She walked the girls through an assessment of their values and goals. "That was probably my favorite part," says Jessica Nelson, junior. "It was hard, but I learned a lot about myself."

Dating and marriage were discussed by newly wedded Drechelle McCray, PAA English teacher, who reminded the girls patience and God's timing is important and God wants the best for their futures.

The day ended with lunch and a fashion show, where students modeled dress-code appropriate clothing.

The theme, "Daughters of God, Born into Royalty," was referenced throughout the day. At one point, girls dreamed up laws they would make if they were queens. "No more human trafficking" and "free education" showed their serious sides, while "naps after lunch" and "fifty percent off everything day" showed they were having fun.