Sharing Their New Life at Wenatchee Valley View

April 01, 2011 | Kathy Marson

For 12 years Corey struggled with alcohol and wanted to quit. One morning he woke up on the floor, crying out to God and asking Him to take away his addiction forever.

Corey's wife, Stephanie, had been going through a different pain. Two years earlier, halfway through her pregnancy she learned the baby had a rare disease and was stillborn. Not knowing what to do or who to talk to, she blamed herself miserably.

A few days after Corey asked God to remove his addiction, Marcus Harden, local Bible worker coordinator, and Jim Anderson, Wenatchee Valley View, (Wash.) Church pastor, arrived at their home. Corey and Stephanie agreed to Bible studies. Stephanie was skeptical, and during the first two weeks of studies Corey was drinking.

"I came home one day and decided to dump out the beer," says Corey. "When I dumped the beer, I felt a relief. There was no craving, sickness or withdrawal."

"Corey was a changed man instantly," says Stephanie. "After seeing Corey's results, I knew God was real! So I asked God to help me with smoking. The following morning my kids, Corrina and Jordan, were happy to stomp on my nasty habit."

Corey and Stephanie both had times when the devil tried to stir up arguments, but God helped similar to the verse in Mark 10:27 which says: "With men it is impossible but with God all things are possible."

Corey and Stephanie, with their daughter, Corrina, were baptized on Christmas Day. Corrina felt God changing her life, as she watched her parents go through rough times and find God. "Knowing that God is real," says Corrina, "makes me thankful God is in my life."

Corey and Stephanie feel blessed God has led them into a life with Him. "God has so changed me; I cannot help but speak about him," says Corey.