Missionary School Educates for Eternity

April 01, 2011 | Gail Johnson

In the growing community of Stanwood, Wash., just north of Everett, Wash., is Cedarhome Adventist Christian School, a small school carrying out years of educational tradition off and on since 1908.

This year, the 10 students spanning six grades are coincidentally all boys. This makes for a unique atmosphere for Amanda Kobberstad, principal and first-year teacher, to ambitiously direct their energy to studies and service.

In the spirit of a true missionary school, six of the students are non-Adventist, with three finding their first exposure to Christianity at the school. With many students unfamiliar to Cedarhome Church members, the school's sponsoring church, Kobberstad initiated a 10-week series to introduce students to the congregation.

One student is showcased each Sabbath and introduced to the congregation, and the members are invited to pray for the student of the week. The students feel great knowing the church "next door" cares about them and is praying for them, and the congregation enjoys getting to know the boys from the school.

In addition to learning academics and about God, the Cedarhome boys are discovering the joy of service. A favorite service project this year was when the boys participated in a "penny war" where they raised $200 to go out and buy toys and food for local needy families.