Milo Seniors Think It's About Time

April 01, 2011 | Carol Bovee

Milo Adventist Academy seniors themed their senior recognition weekend It’s About Time. Rather than invite guest speakers, the seniors teamed with their parents to present heartfelt talks, thereby creating a memorable spiritual weekend that blessed all in attendance.

Friday-night speakers, Tim Mayne, pastor, and his daughter, Kate, spoke of Martin Luther’s vision for the future. Reminding attendees they too should have a vision for their future. For Sabbath School, Giovanna Abarca shared her life testimony for the first time. As her daughter, Jocelyn, translated, Giovanna told of her life as an immigrant and the ups and downs she experienced while raising her children. She told of finding the Adventist Church, and then going back to Catholicism, and the unexpected turn of events that led to her children being enrolled in an Adventist School. It was encouraging to her that no matter what you go through over time, hindsight reveals God has been with you each step of the way.

In their Sabbath sermon, Greg Margart, speech pathologist, and his daughter, Rianne, asked the audience whether they were developmentally delayed Christians or if they were right where God wanted them to be at this time in their lives. It is easy to label others or to expect them to be at the same stage of spiritual development that you have reached. But it is better instead to trust God is guiding their lives in His plan. Sabbath vespers speakers, Roger Beltran, pastor, and his daughter, Camila, talked about running the race; sticking with things; following God and persevering through life.

Saturday night the senior class presented a meal featuring menu items from the time of the caveman to the present. They also presented a skit and talent show, "It’s About Time," written and performed by seniors. The class of 2011 deserved their recognition as seniors at Milo Adventist Academy, but even more important are the reminders God is in control and He is coming soon. And, it’s about time!