Living Life to the Fullest at 90 Medical-Mission Trip to Bangladesh

April 01, 2011 | Ken Rose

As the group started their medical-mission trip to Bangladesh the statement was made, “Here we go on a new adventure!” Ted Flaiz’s response was, “That’s just down my alley!” That would have been an expected response from a teenager. But when it came from a 90-year-old person, it grabbed the group's attention.

His definition of retirement may be different than most, for he joined 10 other people spending his Christmas holidays pulling teeth and witnessing for God.

Within the last 12 months alone, Flaiz has participated in mission trips to Sumatra, Borneo, Haiti, Mexico and Bangladesh. Another member of the group, Jonathan Fish remarks, "Dr. Flaiz must be comfortable in any country. At 90, he is doing better than most 70-year-olds. He is inviting, intelligent, interested, and rambunctious." But it is also clear that Flaiz is there to share the love of Christ. His goal in life is to work for God as long as he has the ability to help anyone in need in any way possible. When at home in Hermiston, Ore., he spends three days a week volunteering on a mobile dental clinic providing free dental care for the indigent.

Flaiz is a true inspiration to both young and old. The younger generation can learn from his vast experience, Godly insight and a whole lot of great stories. The older generation can discover a life of service doesn’t stop at 65 or retirement.

“The next time I go to the third world," says Bangladesh team member Jonathan Fish, "I wish to bring Dr. Flaiz.” His thoughts are echoed by the whole group who were privileged in sharing this trip together.