50-Year Adventist Education Supporters Honored

April 01, 2011 | Lowell Dunston

Wilber and Sara Howell were recently honored at Volunteer Park Church in Seattle, Wash., for giving more than 50 years of support to Adventist Education.

"Our commitment to Adventist Education began when we placed our daughter, Judy, in first grade at Seattle Junior Academy," says Sara Howell. "In those days, everyone put their kids in Adventist schools and everyone supported the programs and the work bees."

Through the years, the Howells' education contributions include: serving on the school board, promoting Christian education at church, raising money for student scholarships and special projects, inviting students to their home, and being regulars at school events.

The Howells' depth of commitment to Adventist Education is illustrated by an exchange of conversation after the Cypress Adventist School board voted to borrow $15,000 from the NPUC Revolving Fund to replace a broken boiler. After the meeting, Sara approached the principal and said, "Don't you borrow that money. I'll find it." And, she did!

The Howells' commitment to Adventist Education extends beyond Cypress with their involvement in Auburn Adventist Academy's Committee of 100. Additionally, Sara requests an ADRA goat for her birthday because each goat provides income to help educate a child in a third-world country.

The Howells' only regret: "We only wish that we still had the energy to support Christian education the way we used to."