A Weekend of Prayers

March 01, 2011 | Kim Bryan

The Holy Spirit was the special invited guest at the second-annual Oregon Conference fall prayer retreat at Grove Christian Camp. From the first gathering around a delicious vegetarian dinner to the small prayer groups and the larger corporate meetings, participants were encouraged to share their testimonies and prayer requests and spend time covering each other in prayer.

Kevin Wilfley, Upper Columbia Conference pastor, shared in each of the larger meetings. His presentation on the four brain styles not only explained the differences in comfort levels in worship and prayer styles but also enlightened the group regarding relationship interactions. His educational presentations not only taught about and modeled prayer, they also provided many opportunities for Spirit-filled seasons of prayer.

Those attended the weekend expressed real appreciation for the topic.

"I didn't realize how hungry I was for prayer time. I felt I couldn't get enough; it was like I was a sponge," says one attendee.

"My husband and I enjoyed a deeper communication about spiritual things. That was a blessing for which I had long waited!" exclaimed another.

If you find yourself longing to experience a Spirit-filled season of prayer as you read the testimonies of others, the Oregon Conference prayer team is happy to bring a "Day of Prayer" to your church. These low-keyed events are planned with the help of you and your church leadership. Call Chuck Burkeen at the Oregon Conference at 503-850-3500.