ShareHim Boot Camp Features High Energy and Inspiration

March 01, 2011 | Joy Curtis

ShareHim boot camp didn't seem exciting to one Kalispell (Mont.) Church member.

After attending, however, she changed her mind: "WOW, the energy and holy spirit are palpable in the room," she says. "This is really what I needed. I am so thankful I came to ShareHim boot camp!"

So what changed this church member's attitude? First, the attendance at the ShareHim boot camp was outstanding — nearly 35 participants not only from Kalispell and Columbia Falls, but also from other Montana areas: Hamilton, Eureka, Whitefish and Stevensville. The meals were scrumptious, thanks to Teri Pederson and her team. The instructors from the Montana Conference, including local pastors, were awesome and presented information in a caring, you-too-can-do-this manner. However, the most wonderful blessing came from the Holy Spirit being present. Hearts were touched and lives were changed in those 14 hours.

For those who have never attended a ShareHim boot camp, go, and go again. No one is too young or too old. At no time in history has the message of spreading the gospel been as important as in these last days. As Larry Belknap, pastor, says, "Evangelism is one beggar leading another beggar to food."

Here is what ShareHim is NOT. It is not about competing with the "big boys," though graduates from this course have presented to large groups internationally. It is not posting a sign that says, "Come to my meetings and be saved!"

It IS about connecting with people and sharing the love of Jesus. Participants started with making a list of people (neighbors, co-workers and friends) with whom they'd like to share Jesus. Then participants chose five or six people and prayed for them. Prayerfully connected with them and introduced them to the church family.

ShareHim has created 26 PowerPoints for participants to share with small groups. Everything is there, from pictures to lecture notes. Maybe presenting isn't your comfort zone. At the conference, each person practiced giving a brief lecture they hadn't seen before. The Holy Spirit was there energizing and giving passion. People who have never spoken to a group before touched hearts with this message.

ShareHim is a simple tool but effective to spread the message of Jesus Christ.