One Voice for God

March 01, 2011 | Carol Bovee

whether it’s singing for vespers, listening to music videos for worship, or participating in band, choir, bells or One Voice, music is a big part of Milo Adventist Academy.

One Voice is a small singing group volunteering their time to produce extraordinary music. Dwight Morgan, director, desires to make sure the name of the group is reflected in the unity of sound and purpose; to reach out to others and bring honor to God. Sam Short, from Bend, Ore., loves the small group that produces a full sound. Larissa Bovee, alto from Days Creek, Ore., appreciates One Voice because of the feeling of working together. Seth Moturi, from Lebanon, Ore., and Rianne Margart, an alto from California, like the challenge of learning difficult music in addition to the regular choir songs. Everyone in One Voice loves that the group is small enough to travel easily and reach out to others.

Sopranos Rikita Patel and Kate Mayne, both from Roseburg, Ore., remember the afternoon One Voice went out to a little house and surrounded the couple there and sang to them. The couple thought One Voice was trick-or-treating, but instead, treated them to beautiful music. One Voice played a crucial role in the Milo Christmas Program blessing many with a loving picture of Christ. Kate especially liked the Christmas program because it encompassed Christ’s life beyond birth … all the way to His death, and its impact on lives.

Another favorite activity of the group is to provide worships at other schools. To share Christ with other students and to be able to reach out on a personal level is something that Joe Olsen, a tenor from Chehalis, Wash., feels is harder to do with a larger group. The group is rewarded by one on one contact with their audience and the appreciation expressed wherever they go. After their concert, one staff member from a nearby school said, “Thank you so much for visiting our school today. You have no idea what this means to me. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the end goal. Today your kids showed me again why we are in this work. Their music was such a blessing.”