Silverton Church Celebrates Evangelistic Success

What could the Silverton (Ore.) Community Church hope from an evangelistic campaign in an artsy town, with a population of 10,000, hosting at least 20 different denominational churches? The answer rested with God as Jim Reinking, elder from Spokane, Wash., began meetings Sept. 11, 2010. By closing night, Oct. 23, seven people committed to membership through baptism or profession of faith. An eighth person, a church elder, was overjoyed to commit to his Savior in this way. For many years before baptism, he had found very little spiritual meaning.

Margaret, didn't miss a meeting during the seven-weekend campaign. She previously attended but left for another church. She says, "Now I understand the Sabbath and what a joy it is!" Another attendee, an elderly man raising five grandchildren, remarks, "Now I have the true light."

Great as the commitments to the faith were, other blessings were abundant as well. One was Steve and Monica who, with their three young children, attended nearly every evening to hear Reinking for a second time. "The first time around," Monica says, "when we committed ourselves in baptism we were, as it were, responding to new information. This time it is so different — [it's] almost like comfort food!"

February 01, 2011 / Oregon Conference