Cedarbrook Students Learn to Care and Share

Twenty-one students in kindergarten through eighth grade at Cedarbrook Adventist Christian School in Port Hadlock, Wash., recently participated in a learning simulation called Zooland.

Under the direction of Greg Reseck, principal and upper-grade teacher, students built an old-style zoo with shoebox cages for stuffed animals. After the "mayor" condemned the zoo, students researched animals and how to run a zoo. The six-week simulation culminated with a parent open house to showcase life-sized animals in healthy habitats.

Reaching Out

Additionally, Cedarbrook students are learning to reach out by writing inspirational verses on coloring pages for church members in need of encouragement. They also regularly pick up litter along a stretch of road by the county library to give back to the community.

Instead of exchanging Christmas gifts, the students donated almost $100 for The People of Peru Project to help relieve human suffering.

About the same time, Cedarbrook students entered a coloring contest through a local business, and prizes were given out the last day of school before Christmas vacation. One student put his cash prize into the collection basket for the orphanage in Peru and several other students followed his example of giving.

Whether it is turning the school into a zoo or learning the importance of giving to others, it's the life lessons of caring and sharing that students carry away from Cedarbrook Adventist Christian School that are most important.

February 01, 2011 / Washington Conference