Penny by Penny AAA Raises Funds for Food Bank

Four classes, four buckets and a lot of coins; this year, students from Auburn Adventist Academy in Auburn, Wash., found a creative way to raise money and help the Auburn Food Bank.

It all started when the Associated Student Body team challenged the students to a penny war. Each class had a bucket to deposit pennies and earn points. Pennies counted as "positive points" and larger coins and bills counted as "negative points," even though all donations were making a difference. In the first two weeks, the school had collectively raised a little more than $400.

"The penny war, I believe, is a great way to get everyone motivated to help in our community," says Missy May, senior and ASB president from Bonney Lake, Wash.

This fundraiser had a really good response and the students enjoyed the competition. "The penny war was an excellent idea," says Joshua Huh, freshman from Federal Way, Wash. "It provided an exciting way to encourage students to participate in a great fundraiser. I had a lot of fun contributing my money."

The penny war provided a great way to unite the student body and raise funds for a worthy cause. As a school campus "united in passion for Christ," AAA students and faculty are finding creative ways to interact with the local and church communities — to make a difference now and for eternity.

January 01, 2011 / Washington Conference