Shame on You!

My thoughts (regarding "WWVA Graduate Accepted into West Point," November 2010) are in no way to take away from the accomplishment of Andrew Scott or from his decision to attend West Point. I wish him success, strength and courage as he sets out to be a witness and share God's love with those at West Point.

I believe it was an unfortunate lack of judgment [however] that sensationalized [this story] in the November issue of the GLEANER. The hearts and minds of our young people are very impressionable. As a church, an academy, an educator, or a friend we must help guide them to make decisions that will strengthen their resolve to serve Jesus and to engage in the challenge of the Great Commission — not the seemingly "next best thing" as they enlist in various branches of the armed services.

Our church news magazines should print stories to help encourage our young people to make decisions to enlist in the work God has for His last day church. How many students choose to spend a year as a student missionary? How many graduates postpone or give up financially lucrative career opportunities in the private section to become teachers, missionaries, worldwide aid workers, healthcare providers to the indigent or third world countries? These are the accomplishments and choices that should be written about.

Alethea D. Torbert, Jackson, Wyoming,

GLEANER response: We're so very sorry that you have perhaps missed all the other stories we've printed through the years about students who have chosen mission service or other fine options. This month's WWU feature highlights a few.

The Rude Remnant

I'm an area pastor/youth pastor in the San Juan Islands. I just wanted to thank you for your boldness in confronting the remnant idea head on (Let's Talk, December 2010). We as Adventists have a powerful message, but we do need more and more learning in what it means to be part of the remnant. When we stop learning and think we have theologically arrived we get ourselves in trouble.

William Hurtado, Orcas, Washington,


In the article entitled "GPAS Welcomes New Team Members" (Oregon News, December 2010), the article failed to identify Terah Wheeler as our Kindergarten teacher. Thank you for making note of that.

Becky Elmer Kruger, Merlin, Oregon,

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