A Year in Review for Bozeman Church

We thought you should know some of what the Bozeman (Mont.) Church has been up to for the past church year.

This moderate-sized church family has been increasing fellowship outside of the regular church service. The members have joined together in social activities on a monthly basis, including Christmas caroling and sledding in the wintertime, a church campout in the summer, and a corn roast in the fall. There was even a Valentine's Day banquet, complete with couple photos on a tandem bicycle and an "oldie-wed" game. Many people within the church family takes turns in sharing their homes and land, contributing foods and talents, etc. for these events.

In addition to having fun together, the church has undertaken some large projects this year. The old roof was beginning to leak, so a goal was set to raise enough money to build a new roof during the few months of warm weather that visits Bozeman. It seemed a daunting task, but members donated enough money to enable the building of the new church roof, completed in July. The next project goal is replacing the windows in the sanctuary. Although the first mission was completed only months ago, members are actively donating to this cause and a parking-lot fundraiser was held which earned nearly $1,000. Now the goal has nearly been reached.

Vacation Bible School is an exciting new step taken by the church this year. It was held at the beginning of August, and prior to that hasn't been done at Bozeman Church for several years. The "staff" had a lot of fun in making VBS happen for the kids. A meeting hut was created out of cardboard and paint, the kids had a new Bible character visit them every day for story time, and singing and crafts were some other daily events. The theme was ADRA missions, and there was a turnout of about 20–30 children each day. For the final night, parents came for a performance, and kids and parents alike greatly appreciated the week's efforts. Next year's VBS is already in the planning stages.

It's been a truly fulfilling year for our church; what's been shared above are just some of the highlights. We look forward to finding what the coming year will bring!

December 01, 2010 / Montana Conference