Whipple Creek Missions Concert God Provides

December 01, 2010 | Annette Ward

Five youth from the Oregon Conference, ages fifteen to seventeen, were impressed to apply for the month-long Young Disciples Mission trip to the Negros, Philippines, in January 2011. They had various difficulties to overcome (parental permission, the application process, fear and the $2,200 they each needed to finance the trip). Of this amount (which does not include cash for incidentals), $1,100 was due on Oct. 15. The individual youth sent letters requesting financial assistance to their friends, family and potential donors, but the response was nowhere near the amount they needed in the time allotted. After much prayer, they decided to plan a benefit concert and dinner.

On Oct. 10, at 4 p.m., the church was full of friends, family and mission supporters. Youth from Southwest Washington and Oregon, and as far south as Eugene, Ore., participated in the program. The program included acapella vocal numbers, vocal solos, hymns, praise songs, choral pieces and instrumental numbers. A few participants significantly exceeded the age limit suggested by the term “youth.” Two free-will offerings were taken during the program, which was followed by a hot dinner.

The food was donated and prepared by a few local church members and was served by the youth. Nearly 100 guests were served. The total dollar amount collected by the end of the evening was $5,578. Note that there were five youth who each needed $1,100 by the following week (5 x $1,100 = $5,500). Isn’t God good! Not only does He supply all our needs, His precision bolstered the trust of the youth (as well as the contributors) in the faithfulness of our God. By Oct. 16, further donations were received and each one of the youth now has the entire $2,200 needed to finance their trip.