What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

In response to requests from women in Montana, Ruth Fish, Montana Conference women's ministry coordinator, arranged for a health seminar. She invited Michelle and Larry Lesher from the Black Hills Health and Education Center near Rapid City, S.D. Michelle is a registered nurse and dietitian; Larry is a Bible student and an expert in organic gardening.

The Leshers emphasized that good health not only improves how you feel and how long you may live, but also increases mental clearness, which is essential for a closer walk with God.

Michelle presented results of some of the newest health research studies and discussed how the food supply has become adulterated by use of antibiotics, hormones, genetic engineering, additives for longer shelf life, pesticides and other chemicals, emphasizing the importance of eating foods that are not highly processed. Having your own garden can improve your diet immensely.

Larry talked about the laws of health as they are presented in the Bible, showing how they are designed to help us achieve our full potential.

Both Leshers emphasized that a healthy lifestyle is a process and that the rewards are worth the effort.

December 01, 2010 / Montana Conference