Former Smoker Helps Others Breathe Free

For several years, Lui Teulilo was a heavy smoker. Now smoke-free for 20 years, Teulilo shares his experience and encourages others with a tobacco addiction to break free.

Recently, Teulilo, a member at the Bonney Lake (Wash.) Church, worked with the church's personal ministries' team to host a five-day Stop Smoking, Breathe Free Seminar.

Each session provided support, accountability, mentoring, healthy-living resources and time to praise God for daily victories over tobacco. As a result, two community women signed a commitment to live smoke-free lives.

Weekly follow-up meetings continue to provide support and encouragement. A second stop-smoking seminar is planned for January 2011 — and both community women plan to serve as volunteers.

December 01, 2010 / Washington Conference

Carol Burnham and Ruth Matson, Bonney Lake Church communication leaders