Every Newly Baptized Member Has a Story

Four people convicted by the Holy Spirit to take a stand for their Lord were baptized on Sept. 18 at the Bonners Ferry Church. Each has a story. Susan Selbicky shared her story with me.

Susan was raised a Catholic and attended church regularly. When she married and had two precious children, she raised them strictly Catholic, teaching catechism at the local church. Later, after her children were grown and out of the house, a friend told her some things that were done in the name of Christianity by the Catholic church. She read books confirming what she was told. She became convinced that all churches were corrupt systems and decided she wanted no part of any church.

About the time when television was switching to analog, the Bonners Ferry Church and the Sandpoint Church sponsored a downlink to 3ABN (Three Angels Broadcasting) Station in Bonners Ferry. Susan relates, "When the people on 3ABN confirmed what I knew about the Roman Catholic Church, I felt I had been betrayed. It was unbelievable. I just prayed and cried and thanked God for showing me the light and the truth. I listened every day. When the subject of the Sabbath came up, I opened my Bible and my Bible Dictionary and I studied. It took quite a few times looking and reading but it became clear. The seventh day was the Sabbath. I did not know what Seventh-day Adventists were (maybe they were Jehovah Witnesses) but I looked in the phone book and sure enough, there was a church that went to worship on Saturday."

She called and got directions. Then the night before she and her husband, Aaron, went to find the church. On Sabbath Susan was there (Aaron had a job which required him to work on the Sabbath, but the Lord has since worked that out). Susan says, "By the power of the Holy Spirit I have attended church every Sabbath since then. I know by God's love and guidance, I am on the right path."

December 01, 2010 / Upper Columbia Conference