A Christmas Resolution

Another year is almost history. In one more month we'll be putting up new calendars — at least the few of us who still tack paper calendars on the wall. What sort of year does your 2010 calendar reflect?

"The best year yet," say some. "Good riddance!" exclaim others. What have you learned through the past 11 months that gives you reason to look forward to 2011?

Those who are overwhelmed with blessings might consider this month's feature on the NPUC Revolving Fund: "A Gift That Keeps on Giving." For years this investment channel has enabled Northwest members to provide loans to churches and schools that would otherwise be difficult or expensive to obtain. Through this avenue, your blessings can be paid forward in ways that multiply like the proverbial loaves and fishes to our children, our members and the entire mission of our church. It's like Christmas all year ‘round.

And, when you think about it, the yuletide carols speak not only of that long ago Baby in a manger, but of a present Savior. He wanted to be with us so we could be with Him — for eternity.

No matter what the year has handed you, that's Good News. It's the news we're privileged to share — not just this season, but all year ‘round. We'll make it our Christmas resolution.

Merry Christmas from the GLEANER staff,

Steve Vistaunet, Cindy Chamberlin and Desiree Lockwood

December 01, 2010 / Intersections