Camp Chelan has a great year.

December 01, 2010 | Eric Barber

Someone has said, "The best ministries are the ones where God moves so quickly that you feel you’re running at full speed just to keep up with Him." This is how the Camp Chelan ministry has gone this year.

There have been far too many amazing experiences to share in a short article like this, but you can see much more information (including pictures and history) at our website:

This 170 acre property on Lake Chelan was donated to UCC and is available for our church’s use. This property has seen significant changes this year, starting in March when the pathfinder Teen Mission Adventure crew made improvements from dock repair to toilet facilities. Since then it has been used every month until October. Some of the events included a primary/junior classroom family campout, men’s retreat, youth campouts, work parties and a property dedication service that included two baptisms.

One of the many things that make this project so special is its ability to bring our area Adventist churches together. Members from five different Wenatchee area churches are part of the Camp Chelan committee. This cooperative effort brings in talents and resources from a much larger body than an individual church could provide, making a project of this magnitude more fun and manageable.

Our overall goal is to develop this property into a safe, usable, and exciting retreat that can bring people of all ages into a closer walk with God through experiencing Him in an amazing location such as this.

If you’d like more information on how you can help with this project or bring a group out for a retreat, please contact us at