Strawberry Feed for the Women of Montana

November 01, 2010 | Ruth Fish

Women attending the Montana Camp Meeting made their way over to a strawberry feed being held at the conference office nearby. Women's ministries sponsored the event on Friday, June 18, at 5 p.m.

Grandma's homemade shortcake biscuits were made and served with oodles of delicious red strawberries, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. A few women gathered together earlier and cut up the 12 cases of strawberries. The smell of the strawberries came though the meeting hall. It was truly an answer to prayer that women's ministries was able to get these strawberries for this special evening.

The ladies were greeted happily and began their fellowship together. Ruth Fish, women's ministries leader, asked for the women's ministries leaders from across Montana to come to the front where she presented each one with a small gift of appreciation for their leadership in their churches.

Sandy Eickman from the Glendive Church shared the story of her recent mission trip to Africa. Her pictures and stories were very enlightening.