AAA Students Receive Spiritual Tune-Up

November 01, 2010 | Kaleigh Bing

Drive through any town and you will most likely find somewhere to tune up your car. Through Auburn Adventist Academy's Fall Week of Prayer, students were able to go through a spiritual tune-up.

Week of Prayer speaker Tony Hunter, a pastor from Moline, Ill., is passionate about youth and spiritual growth. He challenged students to love God and love one another as themselves. Hunter encouraged the student body to study the Bible for themselves and get to know God on a personal level.

"A Week of Prayer gives students fresh ideas and new perspectives," says Samir Berbawy, AAA principal. "Because we put extra concentration on spiritual things on our campus, it opens our hearts more to God, which gives us a chance for Him to work in us and through us."

Students resonated with this Week of Spiritual Emphasis. "I've liked this Week of Prayer and how down to earth it's been," says Spencer Eldevik, a junior from Stanwood, Wash. "I've learned to be truer with myself and understand more what I believe."

AAA continues to provide many opportunities for young people to tune up their spiritual lives through dorm worships, service opportunities, Weeks of Prayer, daily classroom worships, discussions with pastors and vibrant church services.