Shady Point Reaches Out through Food

During the month of May the Shady Point (Ore.) Church held a Vegetarian Tasting Affair for the residents of the local community of Lake Creek, a small rural farming district 10 miles east of Eagle Point, Ore. This event consisted of a series of tables highlighting five individual entrees. Each table was intended to be like the hostess' table at home. The ladies who served at each table were able to talk to guests on an individual basis — as if they were guests in her home. To demonstrate how each entree would be served, the ladies even set the table with their own china, crystal and silver. On the china, they put a serving of the entree with a complete balanced meal. Raw ingredients were attractively displayed on the opposite end of the table. Each table had a lovely floral centerpiece to match the hostess' taste and to create an elegant invitation to dinner. As the guests moved around the room they were given a sample of an entree from each table, and they could talk with each hostess about the entree at her table. Appetizers, salad, sample salad dressings, a fruit drink and hot coffee alternative were also provided.

On July 11, the Shady Point Church returned to the Lake Creek district, this time with a vegetarian cooking school, where not only were the different foods artfully displayed and served again, but diners were also provided with a visual treat: the presentation of a DVD showing the value of the foods they were eating. After the DVD presentation, guests were then asked to turn their attention to the demonstration table where the actual preparation of the foods they had just enjoyed was being demonstrated.

There were cookbooks for sale and free literature provided, some having to do with food preparation and some promoting a deeper involvement of a spiritual nature, as well as a sign-up for future events. The events were an attempt to bring the health message into an isolated area where people are looking for a better way of life — and, in turn, the door was opened for further study. This outreach has involved all of the ministries of the church and all involved received a blessing. All praise is given to God from whom all blessings come.

October 01, 2010 / Oregon Conference