Montanans Learn to Cope with Disaster

Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, famine, pandemics, floods, fire and other disasters are just a part of life on this sinful planet. While we can't stop disasters, there are things we can do to mitigate their effects on our families, friends and neighbors.

On Aug. 7–8, Joe Watts, North American Division Adventist community services/disaster response coordinator, gave a presentation at the Montana Conference office to train Montana constituents on what they can do to be prepared for disaster.

The Sabbath afternoon presentation focused on family preparedness. It takes time to mobilize coordinated disaster response, so if families have emergency supplies to carry them through the first 24–72 hours, they will not only be better off themselves, but they may be able to provide care and assistance to others too.

On Sunday, Watts spent the time sharing what is needed to assist in a larger way during or following a disaster. The training was designed to acquaint constituents with how to set up and operate community collection centers, multi-agency warehouses, and emergency distribution centers for donated goods. Each person completing the training could get certified to work in centers or warehouses in the event of a disaster.

The mission statement of ACS/Disaster Response is "Serving Communities in Christ's Name." Jesus said when we bring aid and comfort to the hurting and lonely, we are doing it for Him. Anything we can do to ease the suffering brought about by sin will open opportunities to share the Gospel with hurting people and give them hope for a future free from disaster and pain.

October 01, 2010 / Montana Conference